Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bald Eagles at the Bay

About a year ago, my friend Becky discovered that bald eagles nest at Farmington Bay in February and March. Who knew? So this year we decided to make an excursion to Farmington Bay to see the eagles. Allisun, Becky, and I loaded into Becky's truck and set out for the bay. The 3 adults in the front seat and 
the 3 kiddos in carseats in the back. 
It was a tight squeeze, but we managed. It did however make it a little difficult to eat our "picnic" lunch in the truck. 
Once we arrived at Farmington Bay, we drove our muddy washboard roads. Amazingly the babies did quite well and slept a good portion of the time. 
Seth (Becky's littlest) 
Nora (Allisun's little one)

We saw eagles almost immediately. I wish I had Matthew's scope and a better zoom on my camera, but alas, Matthew does not lend such expensive equipment to his sister. However, you can still tell the birds are eagles in most of the pictures. 
We figure we saw about 30 eagles that day. On Saturday (Valentine's Day), they were having the real Eagle Day. They do a controlled carp kill and all the eagles come for the feast. They were expecting 300 + eagles that day and a lot of people (that's why we went early). 
After watching the eagles and other birds, we headed back to Becky's house. Fortunately, Becky always has live entertainment at her house. Her son Luke is HILARIOUS! He decided to ride my purse like a horse. He is a funny little boy with quite the imagination! 
The babies Seth and Nora were also adorable. We had to take their picture in their cute winter hats. We sat them next to each other and they held hands all by themselves. It didn't last long, but it sure was cute! 
It was a fun day and I look forward to doing it again next year! Maybe in a bigger vehicle. Thanks girls and cute kids! 


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Jessica said...

Love it! Glad you had fun.