Friday, October 23, 2009

Fall Fun

I thought I would post another update on our fall activities for those of you who don't have Facebook. If you do have Facebook, then you probably have seen these pictures already.

Jeni and Crystal fell in love with Cornbelly's at Thanksgiving Point last year and decided to introduce Jessica and I to its wonders this year. It really was fun. We jumped on a giant air pillow, raced in small tractors, slid down giant slides, explored the inside of a dinosaur, played in a building full of dried corn, and explored the corn maze. Well, we really didn't do the maze justice. We had no idea where we were going and after 20 minutes we ended coming back out of the entrance. However, we had fun. These are my two favorite pictures of the evening.

Then, of course, Witches Night Out at Gardner Village has become a tradition. Each year we add little bits and pieces to our costumes. This year we got sparkly spider bracelets, which, unfortunately, you can't see in this picture.

Also, we were very excited that Jessica could join us for the first time this year. It just isn't as fun if it isn't the four of us. This picture doesn't do them justice, but she had fabulous eyes for the evening.

Crystal talked me into having pink hair. Unfortunately, it turned out orange. Oh well, I guess it goes with the goofy hat.

Crystal went for an elegant look this year and added a classy polka-dot scarf.

I think Jeni's favorite part of Halloween might be having the opportunity to streak her hair with bold colors without seeming rebellious. Isn't she a trendy witch?

Now Jeni and Crystal just need to make it through the official school Halloween party and we can call this fall a success!

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