Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Yet Another Post About PEI!

Okay, so I know Jeni and Sarah already took their turn writing about our fabulous trip so I'll try to keep it short. We were all supposed to write about our favorite part of the vacation, but really the whole thing was great. So I am just posting a few of my favorite pictures (no particular order). 

This is a picture of one of the many lighthouses on the island. I think this is the one at North Rustico. 

This is some broken down walkway (I'm sure there's a real word for it, but I don't know it). It was pretty fun to walk on it with the ocean waves crashing around us. 

This is at the lookout of a non-working lighthouse at Spinnaker's Landing. Spinnaker's was one of my favorite places. Fun shopping, nice people, and a pretty view of the ocean. Did I mention I love shopping? That was one of my favorite things. 

This is my favorite picture of Jeni. She looks like an angel. Her halo is just a bit crooked. 

Another one of my favorite things about the trip was driving. I have decided that my next vehicle is going to be a fully loaded - sun roof and all - Ford Escape. I loved driving it! 

Okay, this is was a really cool walkway through some sand dunes...mostly wetlands. The bridges were awesome. They were built in short segments that are anchored to the ground, but still float on the water. They were so cool to walk on, kind of scary at first. 

Okay, this is another awesome wood plank bridge that we got to drive over. 

The potato fields were so beautiful! They were everywhere and the potatoes there taste amazing! I hate to say it because I am an Idaho girl, but they taste better than Idaho potatoes. 

Allisun, this picture is for you. This is the Lake of Shining Waters. 

PEI has tons of little shops. Sometimes they are just in people's yards, like this sweater shop. I don't have a picture of the best shop we saw, but I am going to attempt to explain it. We were on the beach and there was a small white trailer with turquoise trim with a small shack built around it. They were selling homemade fudge from this interesting building. It seriously was not even as big as a one room apartment. 

Those were some of my favorite things about PEI. One other thing, no one was ever in a hurry to do anything - including getting out of bed. YEAH! Unfortunately it was one of the only times in my life I couldn't sleep past 7:30. 



Allisun said...

Thanks for the picture for me. I am so glad that you all had fun. When I get to go (because I am going someday), you can give me all the info I need.

I love the Lake of Shining Water!

Sorenson family trio said...

The light house looked so cool. I would love to go some where were there is a lot of light houses some day. Did you get to see a lot of light houses? Were you able to go into the light house at all? Your trip sounds great. I am glad you had a blast.

Chrystal said...

I've been WAITING to hear about PEI! How fun!

Renee said...

I LOVE that picture of Jeni!!

Williams Family said...

It looks like you all had a lot of fun! I'm totally jealous of all your adventures this summer!

Matt and Mandy said...

I just realized that you left me a comment on my blog. I didn't know that you and your sisters had a blog. I love it! You guys do way too many fun things together!
I also have to tell you that I think you guys all look SO much alike! How fun.