Friday, September 19, 2008

"Lookin' for a good time"...Utah State Fair!!!

The Utah State Fair!!! The event Crystal waits all year for.  We even went out and bought cowboy boots to help us feel a little bit more country.  

We went two nights, once for the rodeo and once for the Lady Antebellum concert. Jessica unfortunately decided to be responsible and stay home and do homework on the night of the rodeo. But we were all got to rock out together for the Lady A concert.  Which by the way was totally awesome!!!!

The rodeo was pretty exciting, although it's been so long I don't really remember what happened, except we had fun.These are our boots of course.  Now if we only had wranglers I'm sure we would have been mistaken for real cowgirls.
This is Mr. Yummy, as named by the ladies behind us, but better know as the Charlie Jenkins band. And if it wasn't for his CTR and wedding ring we might seriously have become his stalker. He was great.

Then, the concert we'd been getting ready for, yes, we'd memorized all of the words to their songs, and Sarah was even practicing her dance moves in the car.  We had so much fun dancing and singing to the music. The were so good!  The hot man with the beard even acknowledged our excitement.
Yes we even met them after, I know a little creepy, but seriously he's really attractive, you can't just pass that up.

The three models exiting the grand stand.  We of course also did all of the other fair activities such as eat greasy food, look at the junk/craft collection, see all of the art displays, but much to Crystal's dismay me and Jessica were really tired, and our feet hurt (most likely from the cowboy boots) so we went home without seeing the livestock or getting a carmel apple, and whatever else her fair traditions might include.  Sorry Crystal, but we did have a lot of fun. After all, we're just "lookin' for a good time"! -Lady A

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Lisel said...

How fun! I've been looking for an excuse to buy cowgirl boots - why didn't I think of the fair!! I love it (the boots and the fair)! You guys always have so much fun together it makes me wish I had a sister!