Sunday, October 5, 2008

More PEI and stuff....

Yes, I am finally adding my input to some our summer's activities and give an update on my life. I won't be able to add any wonderful quotes from L.M. Montgomery or Anne Shirley as did Sarah and Jeni. So, I am going to be like Crystal and include pictures of my some of my favorite moments of us together--hopefully, ones that haven't already been posted.

Yes, we went out in public like this! On one of our lazy mornings, we went on a walk on the beach we could see from our cottage. This is only one of the several "posed" pictures we took--believe me they are all just as good. :-) Hopefully, nobody kills me for putting this on the blog.

We did lots of driving, a trait we inherited from our dad. Most of our scenery pictures were taken from the car window as we drove along. Occasionally, we stopped on the side of the road to take a picture of a church from the car window. You can't see it here, but we discovered a great thing called satelite radio and did lots and lots of singing in the car. It took us about 10 songs with no commercails to realize something was different. The other great things is we knew every song. Then we discovered that besides the hits from the 70's and 80's we could also choose an oldies country station or new country station. We tried a couple others, but these were our favorites.

Although Sarah was the driver on the rental agreement, Crystal was the designated driver and Sarah was the navigator. This arrangement worked fine with the rest of us. It is much easier for Jeni, Mom, and I to sit in the back seat with no responsiblity, although, Jeni became the official picture taker. Jeni and mom fought over who was to sit in the middle. The goal was not mom, but sometimes she was faster.

We did lots of walking, a trait we inherited from our mother. You cant see it, but underneath all the long green grass is water. This path leads to a beautiful sandy beach.
We walked on the beach, we walked on the sand, we walked through woods, and we walked on land. We walked on the street and occiasionally shopped. We were even chased by mosquiotos with our bugs spray in the car over a mile away.

We ate lots and lots--food never tasted so good. From the fish that sent mom straigth into Eurphoria to the ice cream at Cow's that we couldn't get enough of. We often played cards at the end of each day. Mom, Jeni, and Crystal took turns being the winner and Sarah and I just played.
We relaxed and we laughed in the great hotel robes in our posh Charlotte hotel room. I'd post the cute picture, but I think my 3 sisters might kill me. We were content with 2 supposed queen beds and the small cot mom slept on, until we caught a glimpse of the sweet next door suit with it's lavish furniture and three seperate rooms.

The Anne of Green Gables musical was enjoyed by all and the last planned activity of our trip. Little did we know we had yet to pent the night in the La Quardia airport. I didn't know I could sleep so well on a wooden bench, until I tried to sleep on the cold hard ground or play cards the whole night before. I'd post a picture, but the program will no longer let me move the pictures around any more and they get stuck at the top. I think we played cards for hours and hours just trying to pass the time while the second hand ticked slower. Sarah managed to sleep for a couple of hours on 2 of our suitcases set up in an L-shape.

Once we returned to home with some sleep, mom and I went to work preparing for me to move in less than a week. I should say mom prepared for me to move, and I tried unsuccessfuly to study and pass an online statiscs course before August First. My dad is my hero and packed up my moving truck (with some help from some other great men) and off we he went to Utah. Mom and I followed about 3 hours later we had some cleaning and errand to run before we were able to make our exit. We met up for the night in Ontario and only had a minor delay when the Uhaul blew out a tire. We made it to Jerome and waited and waited for a man and his truck to comee and fix it. In no time at all we were back on the road. We made it to Provo where Matthew and the girls (sisters and roommates) helped unload the truck. No, not your typical sabbath activity! It was over 90 degrees so we sweated and sweated.

In the next three weeks I finally passed the online statistics course, unpacked and organized my room, slept in a lot and read for fun when I could. The three weeks flew by as I prepared for school, attended our family reunion and figured out where to put all my stuff. I have finally grown use to the idea that my laundry basket just has to go be between the foot of my bed and the closet. The problem is that so do my gym bag and two--yes two--backpacks.
I made it through orientation and the practise interviews. On the first day of oreintation they told us "you will have more to do than is possible to complete." Oh, Boy, they weren't kidding! I found out the first week. They split us into three class sections and then into 10 study groups. I am in a group of 5. The other woman in my group is from China and a brand new mom. Her baby is now 5 months old. I don't know how she is surving. I guess we do what we have to do.
Although school is challenging and stressful, I love it. I've gotten over the fact that I just can't do everything, there is literally not enough time in a day or a week. I haven't opened my fiance book in over a week and now try to rely on the lectures and the fact that I've learned most of this stuff before. So far that plan is working okay and I'm hoping for B's. I go to bed early (around 10:30) because I was reminded the first week that I need more than 4 to 5 hours of sleep.
I've had three interviews for internships (yes, already!) with a couple more scheduled. But, I am seriously considering teaching college now instead of pursing another corporate career and teaching later.
My journal is lost (packed in a box downstairs, but cannot for the life of me figure out where) which is why this entry is lengthier than planned. So I'll conclude with one last story. A few weeks ago, a counselor in the bishopric asked me to enter a conversation about my schedule and consider being a den leader with my friend, Latrica. Yes, you read right a den leader! Latricia later said she'd been hit from the side, I said I had been hit from behind! I laughed and I grimaced and who knows what else. He said "Tell me about your reaction?" I responded, "I don't know anything about cub scouts. I don't know anything about little boys!" To myself I thought I don't have time, how am I going to do this! We ended the conversation with me thinking it over and wondering how on earth I was possibly going to add this to my plate.
I thought to myself, "What about us said den leader?" I promise you nothing about us says den leader. We told our roommate, Latricia's sister, Margaret and she said, "what?" I told my sisters they laughed and laughed. I told me my mom and she laughed. I told my dad and he laughed. Both of my parents said I don't think you should do it. I pondered and prayed and wondered what to do. I went to school the next day and knew I couldn't do it. No matter how much I wanted to serve the Lord, I knew I wouldn't be able to manage. I was barely surviving this new realm of school and knew I would not be an asset to Latricia if she accepted the calling--which she did. In my ideal world this story would be better if I'd accepted the calling and was able to serve better. But, through the peace in my heart I know I made the right decision. I've already recieved another phone call and know anohter calling is on its way this week, hopefully one that I can fill better. I only share this story, because who would have ever thought of me as a den leader!?!


Chrystal said...

LOL!!! Now you know how I felt when I was called as a den leader!!!

Silent Thunder said...

What a horrible cousin I am! I didn't even realize you were back in Utah and going to school. Hope everything is going well for you. You will have to say hello to Margaret for me. She is great!

Renee said...

Wow!! Thanks for the update on your life!! I'm glad to hear that you're still alive, even if things are crazy!! We miss you!!

Katherine said...

I love hearing about all of you. This is a great blog!