Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Josh Turner

We have a ton of catching up to do on our blog. So we are going to try.... Here it goes! July 25th we went to the Josh Turner concert at the Unitah County Fair in Evanston, Wyoming. We decided to arrive early because we thought we could hang out at the fair for a while. WRONG! It was pretty dead. There were like five rides and Jeni treated us to this really awesome ride. It is similar to the music express at Lagoon, but the carts are attached to long arms and you spin around really fast and go up and down - not just like a little hill, but we are talking about a big huge bump in the air. This is Jessica and Alli before the ride began.

Matthew is a wimp when it comes to rides and he opted out. He did enjoy watching and listening to us scream.
We were going so fast and laughing and screaming so hard we were crying. The tears ran sideways instead of down our cheeks. We all felt a little sick when we got off.
After the ride, we weren't sure what to do. So we hung around the fair. There was nothing there, not even the livestock were there yet. It was very disappointing. :( But we were lucky enough to find the obstacle course set up for the dogs and Jeni was kind enough to demonstrate a few of the skills for us.
Since not much was going on at the fair, we decided to go into town to get dinner. And what did we find... the whole town on main street! Beerfest was going on and everyone, and I mean everyone - pregnant ladies, kids, grandparents, was there. We walked around for a while, but lets be honest, beerfest isn't much fun if you aren't drinking and smoking with everyone else. After wasting several hours it was time to go to the concert. Let me just say, I was not pleased with the seating or lack thereof. We walked in and you had your choice of sitting on wooden, splintering, paint-peeling bleachers or standing in the dirt with all of the drunk people. Luckily Josh Turner made up for it all.
Matthew and Alli at the concert. Enjoying the show! We were so glad they could join us and put up with us for so long. Thanks!!
Josh singing - don't know which song, but every song was amazing. I would definitely like to see him again!
All of us kids after the concert. Alli was kind enough to take our picture. We definitely enjoyed the show!
There's more to come, but it is so overwhelming. Does anyone know how to make collage pictures for blogs? If you do, I'd love to know. Thanks!

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