Sunday, May 2, 2010


It's been almost two months since Jeni and I went to Hawaii, so I thought it was about time to blog about it. We stayed in Waikiki - we decided it was okay to stay in a tourist town because we're tourists. The weather was wonderful, a bit rainy some days, but still beautiful. We stayed for 6 days and enjoyed every minute. We are already to go back again (next time we'd like more company).
We rented a car for our stay. When we picked up our rental car, the man asked us if we wanted a GPS. We said no because really how lost can you get on an island. Well, you can get pretty lost, but you can always find your way home. We saw parts of Oahu that most tourist probably don't see - like the homeless camps. But it was always interesting.
Here are a few of our favorite pictures (in no particular order because that is too difficult). Enjoy!

Jeni and I went for a drive in the pouring rain and this contraption happened to be driving in front of us. I hope they enjoyed their ride!

We went to church at the Honolulu Tabernacle and this beautiful tree is in front. We loved "outside" church!

Before church, from our balcony overlooking Waikiki beach.

"Ha! The Breath of Life" performance at the PCC. Jeni's still talking about it.

Jeni's tatoo in the New Zealand village at the PCC.

Jeni using those pom-pom like things in the New Zealand village. I was terrible at these. I kept hitting myself.

The coconut tree climber. Amazing!!

Jeni and me with our new friend Lani. She sold us our beautiful pearl rings and helped us get around the island.

Pineapple plant at the Dole Plantation.

Pineapple whip - I wish I could've eaten it every day!

Pearl Harbor Memorial - USS Arizona

The Memorial wall on the USS Arizona Memorial.

Jeni in her beautiful muumuu from the swap meet. It even has one pocket!

This picture was taken on our hike to Monoa Falls. It was a small rainforest right on the outskirts of a neighborhood.

Lunch at Keneke's. Jeni loved her garbage plate and the shave iced, but not the beans at the bottom.

The water has so many beautiful shades of blue. We took a lot of pictures of water.

This car was painted with puffy paints. It was crazy!

Jeni snorkeling at Turtle Bay. She wasn't a big fan. I didn't even bother to try it.

This sign made us laugh, but also made us a little more afraid of the ocean.

Jeni at the top of Diamond Head.

Part of the Diamond Head hike. I think one time on this hike is enough. It wasn't my favorite and it was really hot and cramped in the stairwell.

We spent our last day at Sunset Beach, just hanging out until we had to get to the airport. Jeni spent her time doodling in the sand.

Sunset at Sunset Beach.

Jeni running along the beach.

I just got attacked by a wave - not a big wave, but bigger than I anticipated.


Missy said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! It was fun to see your pictures and it seemed almost identical to my trip to Hawaii about eight years ago. Ah the memories :) Cute post!

Matt and Mandy said...

So fun! I am totally jealous!!

Williams Family said...

Oh how badly I want to go there. And I desire a pineapple whip even more than the trip. They have to have them some where besides Disneyland and Hawaii right?

Tricia said...

I'll totally go next time (and you can eat my share of pineapple whip) :)