Monday, June 7, 2010

The Wedding!!

The event we've all waited for our entire lives finally happened last month. (Okay, maybe not our entire lives, but it sure seems like it.) Matthew and Alli got married. It was a perfect day for a wedding. It had been cold all week, but Saturday turned out to be the most beautiful day of the week, thank goodness! We enjoyed spending time with our family and friends. We are so happy that Alli is part of our family. We love her already! And we love having another sister.

So here are a few pictures of the day. Once again in no particular order because it's so dang hard to get them in the order you want them in. We had such a great day that just between Mom, Dad, Jeni, Jessica, and me we took about 1000 pictures! I won't bore you with all of them. Hope you enjoy because we sure did!

Silly Mom giving us her favorite smile and showing off her beautiful corsage.

Matthew shoving cake in All's face at the reception. Thanks Madison for taking this picture!

The family outside the temple.

Matthew and Alli showing off their boots. Matthew talked about his boots for months - white snake skin. They were pretty fancy.

Matthew and Alli right after they came out of the temple. Aren't they cute!

The four of us girls. I think we took more pictures of us that day than of Matthew and Alli.

Mom and Dad in front of the temple. They were married here almost 35 years ago.
It was the perfect day! Jessica even caught the bouquet. I won't post that picture because she'll kill me, but maybe that catch will bring her good luck!

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