Sunday, January 16, 2011

Craft Day

For Christmas, all of us girls got a craft. A couple of days after Christmas, all of us girls hibernated upstairs, listened to Celtic Thunder, and crafted the day away. It was a little challenging for Jessica since she only had her thumbs and 1 finger, but she did manage to paint the letters in her craft. Here are the finished products.

Jeni's XOXO

Crystal's Wicked

Sarah's Spring

Jessica's Joy

Mom's Home

Alli's Family


Lauri said...

Cute crafts! And I'll have to check out Celtic Thunder... sounds delightful!

Lisel said...

Those all turned out adorable! What a fun gift and a fun way to spend time together! I also love the gingerbread houses!

Missy said...

Those turned out so cute! I have the words Noel and Spooky. Want to paint them for me? Just kidding. I really like to, I just haven't found time yet. :) Good job ladies.