Monday, November 14, 2011

Our favorite fall activities...

We LOVE dressing up! So we started this fall off with going to witches night out at Gardner Village. We don't really care for the crowds, which seem to get worse every year, but we can't pass up the opportunity to pull out our dress up box. Crystal also had some great costumes for Red Ribbon Week. Maybe if we pressure her, she'll post them. ;)

Yep, my sisters look pretty amazing!

Next, we went to our next favorite Fall activity, Cornbelly's! Made for kids, but I think we enjoy it more. Sarah unfortunately, couldn't come with us. She was doing something responsible, like visiting teaching, or something.

For those of you who haven't noticed yet. Our family is OBSESSED with Celtic Thunder. Well, everyone except Matthew. Our parents got us hooked and we now watch their DVD's on repeat while crafting, grading papers, cleaning the house....well, really, with whatever we are doing at the moment, I happen to be listening to them right now as I blog. WE LOVE THEM! So, we joined the 90 year old crowd (they're featured on PBS) and went to see them. We LOVED them! We sang along, screamed for our favorites (all of it) and were quite possibly the entertainment for the people sitting around us. We had a great time and wished the rest of our family could be there.

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