Wednesday, August 15, 2012


This is a reminder for when we return to the beautiful land of Ireland


-Eat in Ennis at YOLO bar and grill
-Eat at Quinlans Fish Fry in Killarny
-Visit the cliffs of Moher
-Visit the Muckross House and stay all day
-Kiss the Blarney stone
-Visit Powerhouse Court Gardens
-Bring lots of scarves and sufficient raincoats
-Eat at Munstur Bar in Waterford
-Vist Waterford Crystal and take their techno tour
-Go around the round-abouts until you are certain what street you are supposed to be on
-Go to Doolin, take the Ferry, do sit on top in hopes to help your seasickness
-Stay in Adare, in the villas
-Know your left and right, traveling will be much easier
-Eat ice cream in Kenmar
-Eat everything with cream
-If you go to Dingle, eat the ice cream made from the endangered Derry cows
-Eat Butlers chocolate
-Wear chacos/tevas, never shoes
-visit Amach
-Bring dice and card games to play while being trapped in the car

Do Not......
-Drive a mini bus
-Visit New York City for 9 hours before flying to Ireland
-Bike in Ireland, you will be taking your own life in your hand, there is not enough room on the road for you and a mini bus
-Wear socks
-Buy water resistant, only waterproof, you will be soaked and grumpy
-Let Jessica drive, hirer someone
-Go anywhere near Avoca, not worth it
-Get trapped in the car for hours
-Eat lasagna with french fries
-Wait to buy a souvenir, buy something as soon as you see it, it will be too late when you go back for it

Obviously, eating is a very important part of our vacationing.  :)

We had a great time! The locals thought we were nuts for coming to Ireland since we don't drink, but who needs alcohol when we're so fun!  We can't wait to go back, well, that's if we can ever afford it again. :)


Janelle Day said...

You guys are the funnest bunch of girls that I know. I would love to go to Europe and eat and enjoy myself with my mom and sisters! I will remember the recommendations if I ever am lucky enough to go to Ireland. And where you literally stuck in a car for hours?

Cristie Jensen said...

I as so jealous, I went to Ireland for my Honeymoon, but so want to go back.