Sunday, June 1, 2008

Another reason I shouldn't live alone!

So, after a long and delightful weekend with my sisters, I couldn't get up in the morning to go to the gym (which was probably a good thing) and so I slept in on Tue. morning. This of course meant I was running late to work. So, I got into my car about 20 mins to 8:00 a.m. turn the key in the key in the ignition and. . . .nothing. . . . no sound. . . . not even a catch of the engine! Ugh!

But not to worry I didn't cry, I didn't get upset, I just laughed. Don't worry, it has only taken me 3 years of dealing with house floods, broken garbage disposals, hanging my own curtains, and 3 broken garage doors to get to this point. I just think to myself here's another reason I shouldn't be single! Who am I going to call at this time of the morning. So, who do I call? My mom of course! First I did call my friend Amy to see if she could bring her car so I could jump my car. Thankfully, for me she is currently unemployed.

So, then I realized I couldn't shift my car into reverse to back it out of the garage. Again, Ugh! What do I do? I call dad! He told me that I would have to call the dealership to find out how to force the car into reverse. So, for all of you interested, I added yet another skill to my repertoire--don't you hate it when you want to use a word you can't spell, thanks Sarah! I now know how to force my car into reverse. It only took the Honda Dealership Service Center technician, me, a screwdriver, and 15 mins on the phone to learn this new skill.

In the meantime Amy arrived. So, I pulled out my owners manual and my emergency kit--thank you Dad for the great Christmas present--for my jumper cables and I set to work on hooking up the jumper cables. Now, I have been an assistant in this process before but never the one running the show and Amy knows less than I do! Did you know that when you lift up the red plastic cover over the positive charge on a Honda battery there are 3 metal pieces, not just one? So which one is the charge? I have no idea! So, lets just say that after several times of trying to jump the car with couple different connections, and several phone calls to any of the guys we know that might answer their phones at 9:00 a.m. in the morning! At 9:15 we gave up and Amy took me to work. Here is me not quite sure what to do next, I've tried everything!

Fortunately, the Lord looks out for me. When I got home from work--Amy was a dear and not only picked me up from work but waited for a half hour for me in the parking lot--we tried again. Did you know that if you have any rubber stuck in the cables it will not work? I didn't until Craig mentioned it on the phone, nor could I tell if the and rubber was caught in the cables. But as I mentioned the Lord loves me, the cables "jumped" off the connections this time until they were on right, cuz the second I turned on my car, it started, there was noise! Yeah! It worked.
But seriously, how much easier would it be to just call one person! Just one. . . . although I would probably still have to call my mom.



Chrystal said...

I'm sorry you had such an ordeal, but it might help to know that it was a ton of fun hearing about it, and then reading about it here on your blog. And the picture really adds to the story. :) I'm embarrassed to admit, I've never learned how to "jump" a car. Should I learn? ... nah.
Here's to hoping you never have to do it again!

DAN said...

:) good ole Jess :) still making me smile i see - - well don't worry I try to make Chrystal call someone else too. ha ha