Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I'm Esmerelda!

We each took this really great Disney Princess quiz that Jessica found. The pictures are great, too, but we haven't figured out how to add them our post and maintain the formatting.

Our results:

Jessica is Esmerelda

Sarah is Belle

Crystal in Aurora

Jeni is Pocahantas


kristina dehlin said...

Yes I can see Jeni as Pocahantas but Crystal as Aurora? I am shocked that Crystal could sleep for that long, Crystal is always a bundle of energy at work, is she continually asleep at home? Stay away from the spindle. Does this mean you have met Prince Charming already and don't know it yet? Upon a dream. Toodles, Kristina

Williams Family said...

Crystal you need to take it again and see what % you are on the others as well. It just doesn't fit at all! Have fun in Disneyland! I'm STILL totally sad and jealous and eat lots of pickles, and pineapple whips for me, and all the other good stuff they have too!