Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Conspiracy Theory!

So, the world is definitely conspiring against today. All four of us if you can believe that! Crazy, huh? 
So we'll start with Jessica. She woke up feeling not so great, especially since she received the bad news that the forecast for the next week includes a ton of rain. To cheer herself up a bit she decided to get a haircut. Unfortunately, the haircut was not a success. She now has wings above her ears. Sorry, Jessica! We still think you are beautiful! 
Sarah isn't completely happy with her job, but she handles it quite well most of the time. Today was especially bad. Without going into the details or naming names, she actually said she would rather work at Wal-Mart than continue to work there under certain circumstances. Now you know that's bad. 
Well, technically my day wasn't horribly worse than any other day, until you consider my normal day and stick me outside for a couple of hours with first graders who continually fight and argue. Then add in some competitive team games and you've got a headache and a sunburn to top it off. And I think my middle toe is broken and my little toe is definitely sprained! 
Now, Jeni had quite the "near" death experience. This morning she was busily working on stuff for school for me. She noticed the helicopters flying around. Helicopters really aren't an unusual sound around our house. They are constantly flying above us and are very noisy. Around 10:30 AM she decides to go for a run and the helicopters are still circling the neighborhood. So she runs over a mile from home when a car pulls up next to her. Don't fret, no one wanted to abduct her. The woman leaned out of her car and said, "I don't know if you know, but those helicopters are looking for a mountain lion." Jeni asked if the woman could possibly drive her to the public library just around the corner - past the unsafe street the mountain lion was last spotted on. Keep in mind that she has been running in her skimpy outfit and is all sweaty. She sat in the magazine section of the library, trying to look inconspicuous. Until a young man came and sat next to her and she decided she better leave. She'd only been there for about 10 minutes. Then she ran as fast as she could the rest of the way home - about 1.5 miles. Lucky, she did not become a mountain lion's brunch today. Phew! 
Needless to say, we all should have stayed in bed! 



Chrystal said...

oh my! you ladies do lead exciting lives, don't you! :)

Becca S. said...

I'm so glad that the bad day is over and that you are all still alive! Jeni...we would LOVE to come swimming with you! Please call us (when it stops raining).

Becca S. said...

Jeni, I read your story a second time and remembered that I had a crazy dream last night that I bought a full-grown tiger for a pet. When I brought it home I realized how stupid it was and I that I had put my family in danger. Then we were all running for our lives from this tiger. I think we must be connected subconsciously.

kristina dehlin said...

Jeni is Pocahantas if she can run that much. I'm glad the mountain lion didn't get you. Crystal, hang in there it is almost over. Jessica, don't fret, it will grow, your true friends will still love you. Sarah remember phrases such as...Honor your Priesthood, Respect for Women is not only expected but essential for salvation, The Lord reveals women higher than men, and all the other stuff they tell men in Priesthood meetings... That guy is just digging his own eternal cavern and it will be lined with women better than him and he will have to listen to then for all eternity. So just rise above, walk by and giggle to yourself that HE IS THE BAFOON and even Heavenly Father knows it. Life will eventually come for that looser. Hang in there.

Jen said...

Yay! I'm so excited you started a blog!